Disclaimer: Discounts is a feature that is limited to Shopify users only.

Discounts are one of the most popular tools in a merchants tool kit. We see them used as incentives everywhere: in email marketing, pop ups, affiliate links and more. This is because discounts work!

Wisp has the ability to generate discounts and embed them in the notification campaigns you create. This is really useful when you’re trying to convince a visitor to do something like leave their email address.

Creating discounts in Wisp

From the Wisp admin you can create discount rules that generate discounts in Shopify. To do this, simply go to the coupons tab on the bottom navigation. (Yeah, coupons - it's a legacy thing. Don't worry, we're changing it).

When you create a discount rule (via 'Add Coupon'), you can give it a name to quickly identify them, and you can give it a prefix that will appear in each individual discount that the discount rules generate. Shopify will then append unique characters after the prefix to make each issued discount unique.

Here are some quick facts about discounts in Wisp:

  • All discounts are single use, which means each person get’s their own discount.

  • Discounts can be based on a dollar value or percentage of cart basis.

  • You can set discounts to expire after a certain amount of time passes, or you can give them an expiry date.

  • Discounts created in Wisp can have a minimum order value.

How to use discounts

It’s important to understand that Wisp does not email your customers. Wisp simply adds the email addresses we collect to you other email lists. If you want to deliver the discount code in an email, that will be handled by the email service you use, and the discount you send will need to be set up directly within Shopify.

Embedding a discount is easy. When hovering in the message body, a black circle containing a plus sign should appear. Click that, then click on the 'Insert coupon' and you’ll be taken to a list of your discounts.

From the next screen you can select a discount (er, coupon) you previously created within Wisp or you can create a new one.

Once you select and add the discount, it will be embedded where you clicked the circle!You can see how the discount will appear in the message by looking at the preview.

After you complete the campaign, give it a try! Complete the call to action yourself and then look for the discount code you were given in Shopify’s discount section. It’s pretty cool!

If you'd like, you can test drive an example on our Wisp Demo Store by clicking here.

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