After you've figured out how to drive traffic to your site, and how to convert that traffic into sales, it's time to consider how you increase the value of those sales.

Average Order Value is a metric merchants use to understand if customers are buying more because of a merchandising strategy, or if price increases are working. It's a good one to pay attention to, and Wisp can help you with it by encouraging shoppers to add more to their carts.

Before you start, it's important to determine how you're going to motivate customers to buy more than they may intend. Sometimes people over discounts on cart value, but a really popular method is to offer free shipping.

We'll use the shipping method. Let's say that our goal is to get people to spend over $150, and if they do that, we'll give them free shipping. This is a convenient example, because we have a template that does just that. What's important here is that you can set that magic value to unlock free shipping as whatever you'd like.

Since we know what your goal (orders of $150 or more), and your incentive (free shipping), head to 'Add Campaign', select 'Cart' and then pick the 'Free Shipping over $150' campaign. Go ahead and edit the copy the way you want, and make sure it reflects your offer.

Now we have to figure out when we want Wisp to notify the shoppers.

Remember, Wisp is powerful because it's personal, meaning what we share is relevant to a shoppers experience. It doesn't make sense to tell a customer that isn't sure about buying anything that they should spend $150. Instead, we want to nudge the customers that are getting close to that $150 mark and make them feel like the offer was crafted just for them.

In order to do this, we should focus on the audience section. Wisp has the ability to send notifications based on cart values. We're going to use this to create a rule so that if a customer has OVER $99 but LESS THAN $150, they'll get a notification. This way, we're targeting customers that we have a good chance at nudging past the goal AND we're engaging them in real time, as they shop. How cool is that?

To do this, just set your audience as follows:

When you're done, publsh you campaign and shoppers will learn as they shop that they can qualify for free shipping with just a little more, and you can enjoy higher order values.

Wait - how does the actual shipping part happen?

Shopify allows you to set shipping rules based on order price. You'll want to make sure that your rules on Shopify reflect your business goals, such as this one we just created. That way Shopify will provide the proper shipping rate when the customer reaches checkout. You can learn more about shipping rates here.

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