It's super important for anyone building an ecommerce business to build an email list.

This is why you always see pop ups when asking you to sign up for a news letter or offering you a discount when you go to a new online store. Merchants know that a visitor might only pop by once if you don't invite them back, and getting them on an email list allows you to do just that.

There are plenty of email list management tools out there, from Shopify's native products to Klaviyo, but they're for managing the emails you collect. How do you collect them?

For as long as ecommerce has been around, the pop up has been the method of choice, and for good reason! It works, and companies like Wisepops make it easy to create stunning popups. However, not everyone likes popups, and not everyone responds to them. Some people find them intrusive or disruptive of the shopping experience.

Email collection through notifications doesn't have this problem.

That's why you Wisp is powerful. The red dot gets attention like a popup, without interrupting the visitor.. A visitor can check the notification at their leisure.

Wisp Email Collection

Getting started is easy - all you have to do is use the 'Welcome Signup' template under the category 'Email Collection'. You can find this when you click 'Add Campaign on the home screen of your Wisp Admin.

From there, create teaser and message copy that gives visitors a reason to leave their email. Offering a discount is a popular method, but so is telling people about what you'll share with them via email.

If you want to provide a discount, you can do this on the thank-you portion of the notification that a visitor sees when they successfully leave their email. You can learn more about discounts here.

After your campaign is created, you'll want to set your audience. Of course you're going to want to collect emails on the first visit, so try something like this:

In the above example, we used the 'Accepts email marketing' property set to 'is false' so that if you know a visitor has already signed up for email marketing, you won't be re-asking them.

That's all there is to it!

What about popups?

A common question we get is about using popups and Wisp. We think this can be a winning strategy. While Wisp can be an alternative to popups, it's also a great compliment. Popups are really effective, but it's easy to abuse them. You can't surface a popup for every thing you want to get a visitors attention on. You can however use Wisp over and over again.

Combining popups and Wisp have proven to be an effective 1-2 punch. If you use popups, keep the same settings for your audience, or maybe delay the notification for a visitors second time on your site.

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