This is the part of Wisp you should become most familiar with. There are so many campaign possibilities and no limit to how many you launch.

When you click 'Create my first campaign' (or 'add campaign' after your first one) you'll be given the opportunity to select a template. We'll select 'Email collection' as the category and walk through the 'Welcome Signup' template.

After selecting the template, the next screen you will see is for building the teaser. Here you can set the Title (30 characters) and Description (90 characters), and teaser image (64 x 64 px). As you are editing, the preview on the right updates in real time.

At the top of the page you have the chance to rename your campaign so that it's easier to retrieve later if you want to make edits. Also take notice of the progress bar at the bottom, showing you what stage you're at.

When you're happy with the teaser content, you can move on to message. This is similar to the teaser editor, only geared toward the content of the message. You'll get 300 characters for the description and the photo dimensions should be 200 x 400 px. Oh, we should tell you that you can use GIFs here too. :)

Since this specific example is an email collection template, it automatically comes with your input field and call to action. In other campaign types, you can provide links for the call to action.

Next comes the 'Thank You' page. Here you can offer your thanks and even a discount if you want. In the example below, Wisp automatically generates a unique discount code and provides it the Thank You message body.

The next step is to build your audience, but before we touch on that let's quickly touch on schedule. It's exactly as you think, with the ability to set a start time and and end time for the campaign. This is great to prevent content from going stale.

When you're done, you can hit publish and your campaign will be live, however we said we'd come back to discuss audiences. Let's do that on its own article next.

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