The last section of the Wisp Admin left to cover is the Settings page. This page is quite straight forward but it does contain some important stuff.

For starters, this is where you toggle between Floating or Custom Feeds. When the Floating feed is selected, you'll have additional options for display styling.

Next comes the styling of the feed itself, as it what you see when it's opened. These options apply to both implementations of the feed - Floating and Custom. This is where you can make the style fit more closely with your site.

There's an integrations tab for you to connect and manage additional services that play nicely with Wisp. We'll be adding more to this list all the time.

There's a tab for you to manage your plan.

Lastly, this is where you can log out!

Speaking of logging out. That concludes the product tour. Be sure you check out our docs for more specific how-to's and help. Thanks for taking the time!

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