Crafting fantastic campaigns would be meaningless if we don't understand the impact of engagement. Wisp provides two interfaces that surface data for exactly this purpose.

The first is on the Campaigns page, embedded where all of your campaigns are listed. Here you can see the seen, clicked, and completion rates for each campaign. In Wisp:

  • Seen means the feed was open with the teaser visible.

  • Clicked means the teaser was opened.

  • Completed means the action was taken.

The second and more in-depth look is contained on the Stats Page, entirely independent of the campaigns page stats.

As you can tell from the image, this screen provides a summary of Wisp's impact on your business, with key emphasis placed specifically on engagement with the feed, impact on sales, and emails list growth.

We now have only one more stop to make, so let's take a peek into Wisp's settings.

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