Google Tag Manager is a super convenient way to get started with Wisp. (It even comes with some superpowers, but more on that later!)

Following these instructions will help you add Wisp. Upon completion, you'll be able to start sending campaigns notifications that will appear in the floating feed. If you want the embedded feed, you'll have a few more steps to follow but you'll be really close.

Let's get to it!

1. Grab your Wisp Script

In your Wisp admin, go to 'Settings', and then 'Setup'. Once you're there, look for the code snippet under 'Other User'.

Copy it that entire snippet.

2. Create a New Tag.

In a separate window, open Google Tag Manager. When you're in the desired workspace for the right account, click the 'New Tag' card .

3. Configure the New Tag.

Open 'Tag Configuration'.

Under 'Choose tag type' select 'Custom HTML'.

Now it's time to paste that snippet you copied a few steps ago. Your Wisp window should still be open if for some reason you have to copy it again.

4. Set Triggering.

Open 'Triggering'.

Select 'All Pages', then hit the 'X' by 'Choose a trigger'.

5. Finish it off.

Name and save your Tag.

What's Next?

Nice job! You're done and the Wisp floating widget should now appear on your site.

The next document is about those superpowers that come with using the Google Tag Manager method. It's a slightly more advanced but if you've made it this far, keep going!

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