At Wisp, we don't have an official integration with Ometria right now. I will show you how to use Zapier to send leads to Ometria.

Create a new Zap

First, connect to your Zapier account and then click on "Make a Zap".

Connect Wisp as a source in Zapier

Search for "Wisp" in the "Choose a trigger" step and then click on the Wisp logo that appears.

In the next step click on "Continue".

Now you will have to connect your Wisp account to Zapier, to do that, click on "Sign in to Wisp".

You will be redirected to the Wisp login screen (Note: skip this step if you’re already signed in)

Use your Wisp credentials to login.

You will be redirected to a Zapier authorization request page.

Click on "Authorize".

Go back to Zapier and make sure your Wisp account appears correctly.

Click on "Continue".

For the next step, you will have to select the website and the Wisp campaign you want to connect to.

First select your website, if you only have one it will be the "Default website".

Then select the Wisp email campaign, in my case, it's called "Email campaign".

Now click on "Continue".

Now it's time to test this trigger.

Click on "Test trigger".

Here you will see the last email that was submitted to this Wisp campaign.

Click on "Continue"

If no email was found for your campaign click on "Skip test".

Click on "Continue"

Now it's time to connect with Ometria.

Search for "Ometria" in the "Choose an action" step and then click on the Ometria logo that appears.

Click on "Continue"

Now you will have to link Zapier with Ometria.

Click on "Sign in to Ometria"

On this screen, you will be asked for an API Key. You can follow the steps here to create one.

Then enter the created API Key and click on "Yes, Continue".

Back to Zapier be sure your Ometria account is correct.

Click on "Continue".

In the next step, click on the "Email Address" input and select the email from Wisp.

Then you can select the subscription status and the static segment you want to use on Ometria.

When finished click on "Continue".

Now it's time to test your integration, click on "Test & Continue".

If everything went well, you should be able to find the test contact in Ometria.

To enable your activation don't forget to click on "Turn on Zap".

Wisp will now send your collected emails to Ometria.

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